Lenovo HX Series Management Overview

March 24, 2016
The Lenovo Converged HX Series integrates software from the market leader in hyperconvergence, Nutanix, onto Lenovo’s highly reliable and scalable servers. The flexible building block of fully integrated and tested compute, storage, and preloaded virtualization management software enables easy scale-out clusters to support your business growth, while containing your data center footprint. This demo provides an overview of the integrated management provided by Prism software which makes it easy for administrators to manage the server, storage, and virtualization layers within the hyperconverged cluster.
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ThinkServer sd350 &  n400 Enclosure - 03-27-2016
ThinkServer sd350 & n400 Enclosure - 03-27-2016

This should be ready except the product naming at 0:14 and 2:27 (should be small "sd" and small "n".

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