Lenovo Tools

  • ThinkServer Options Compatibility Matrix

    ThinkServer Options Compatibility Matrix

    Options compatibility matrix for accessories.

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  • Selector Tool for Lenovo UPS

    Selector Tool for Lenovo UPS

    This tool provides multiple methods for selecting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for Lenovo servers. Country selection filter ensures correct voltages, and additional information about...

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  • Data Center Solution Configurator

    Data Center Solution Configurator

    Pricing and configuration options for Lenovo Data Center Solutions.

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  • Operating System Interoperability Guide

    Operating System Interoperability Guide

    This document is comprehensive source of information about operating system compatibility with Lenovo servers.

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  • Flex System Interoperability Guide

    Flex System Interoperability Guide

    This document is a reference to compatibility and interoperability of components inside and connected to Flex System solutions.

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  • System x and Cluster Solutions configurator (x-config)

    System x and Cluster Solutions configurator (x-config)

    Intended for Lenovo Sales teams and authorized Lenovo Business Partners, x-config provides a full-function, globally available, proposal and configuration tool.

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  • BladeCenter Interoperability Guide

    BladeCenter Interoperability Guide

    The BladeCenter Interoperability Guide outlines interoperability of BladeCenter components, including blade servers, chassis, expansion units, networking, and storage devices.

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  • Lenovo Hyperconverged Decision Tool

    Lenovo Hyperconverged Decision Tool

    This tool will help you evaluate which Hyperconverged platform is best suited to your needs.

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  • PSREF Reference for ThinkServer

    PSREF Reference for ThinkServer

    Lenovo product specifications reference for ThinkServer.

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  • Lenovo Rack Server Refresh Calculator

    Lenovo Rack Server Refresh Calculator

    This tool provides a return on investment analysis for refreshing servers in the datacenter with the latest generation of Lenovo Rack Servers.

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  • Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT)

    Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT)

    This hardware configurator for System x and Flex System products helps determine price, ideal environment, and available rack cabinet space.

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  • Lenovo ServerProven Compatibility

    Lenovo ServerProven Compatibility

    The ServerProven program validates selected products for compatibility with System x, BladeCenter and Flex System servers.

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  • System x Power Configurator

    System x Power Configurator

    Download the latest version of the System x Power Configurator to ensure you have the latest fixes and features.

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  • Lenovo Storage: Storage Sizing Estimator Tool

    Lenovo Storage: Storage Sizing Estimator Tool

    This tool provides storage sizing for Lenovo Storage DS2200, DS4200, DS6200, S2200 and S3200.

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  • xREF: System x Reference

    xREF: System x Reference

    The x86 Server Reference (xREF) provides a quick reference guide to the specifications of currently available Lenovo x86 products including, System x, BladeCenter, and Flex System.

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