Ask the Expert: ThinkSystem DE6000H Storage: #1 in Price/Performance

November 9, 2018
Building on the two previous #1 of Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 v3 benchmark testing with the ThinkSystem DS4200 and ThinkSystem DS6200, Lenovo has now delivered a new #1 worldwide price/performance benchmark with the ThinkSystem DE6000H. This new benchmark documents our delivery of 2.5x better performance1 and a lower $/IOP for customers to improve application response time and consolidate more workloads into a single array. In addition, this adds to Lenovo’s number one position in customer satisfaction and server reliability for x86 servers, as well as the recently achieved 121 #1 server benchmarks. This short video with David Vestal and Stuart McRae explain why this benchmark is significant and the benefits it provides to our customers. 1.) As compared to performance of Lenovo’s previous SPC-1 v3 #1, the ThinkSystem DS6200

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Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6000H Storage: #1 Price/Performance
Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6000H Storage: #1 Price/Performance

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE Series SAN storage delivers a world-record price/performance benchmark result.